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Micro Fleet

Ideal For
Fleet with 1-10 Vehicles

Vehicle Tracking: Our advanced fleet tracking platform will give you the visibility you need. See where all of your vehicles are at this moment and send the closest and most qualified driver to the job.

Driver & Vehicle Safety: Get instant fault alerts and set up regular maintenance to keep your vehicles in top shape. Encourage good driving behavior with driver scorecards and help avoid collisions, vehicle damage, and fuel waste.

Better Customer Service: A reliable fleet is your best business card. Respond to your customer needs faster, provide ETAs and proof of delivery with time and location stamps. Give your business the competitive advantage it deserves!

Large Fleet

Ideal For
Fleet with 10 + Vehicles

Never Miss Assets: Use zoning and geofencing tools to ensure your assets are within a designated area. Avoid unauthorized use and prevent theft with GPS alerts.

Better Vehicle Utilization: Track your asset activity and productivity levels to ensure it’s being used to its full potential. This will help you establish efficiencies across the board.

Report on Fleet Progress: Get reports on all aspects of your fleet operations. Review important trends across your fleet, departments or mobile crew and improve your budgets and project planning.



When managing public sector vehicles, equipment, and first response fleets, you’re dealing with restrictive budgets, right-sizing, new traffic regulations, and emission reduction targets. You need the assurance that the tools you’ll be using are cost-efficient and deliver significant improvements.

Transportation & Logistics

Efficiency in resources and operations, timely service and delivery as well as regulatory compliance are key to your business profitability. With our fleet management solutions, you will optimize your fleet and load distribution, improve routes and fuel economy, and comply with ELD and FSMA regulations.

Trades & Services

If your business involves specialty trades and services like HVAC, plumbing, landscaping, electrical services and utilities, you face the challenge of operating a number of different vehicles moving to different locations throughout the day. Our platform will provide visibility into your fleet’s daily operations for timely billing, accurate worker wages, well-maintained vehicles, cost control – all that can make a difference between expanding or downsizing the business.