Track. Manage. Optimize.

Streamline your fleet and get more done, faster with fleet management services by One Cell Solutions Inc.. We provide businesses of all sizes tech solutions that increase efficiency and productivity while reducing downtime and cutting costs.

Choose Your TELUS Fleet Management System

Monitor, manage, and even safeguard your fleet easily and efficiently with the TELUS fleet management system. Our company offers options for small to large enterprises. 

One Cell Solutions Inc.’s TELUS GPS framework and mobile network’s 5G integration promise a faster and more responsive system. This keeps you updated on your fleet’s whereabouts, as well as other important information such as driver behavior and speed and safety reports.  

Whether you have five vehicles servicing your neighborhood or 50 trucks and vans making deliveries all over Canada, you can count on us for a solution tailored to your business’s needs and goals.

Micro Fleet

Ideal For
Fleet with 1-10 Vehicles

This package is best for small and medium-sized businesses that have a small fleet. Our TELUS Micro Fleet option gives you access to the features you need to manage your fleet.

Vehicle Tracking: Through our 5G connection, you can have a live and accurate tracking of your vehicles. No matter where they are in the country, you will be able to identify their location on your app.

Driver & Vehicle Safety: This system will alert you if your vehicles need maintenance or are involved in an accident.

Better Customer Service: Provide better service to your customers through your delivery services. Our system can help your drivers find the optimal route to reduce travel time and fuel costs.

Large Fleet

Ideal For
Fleet with 10 + Vehicles

Once your fleet reaches a certain number of vehicles, keeping track of them becomes even more challenging. Our TELUS large fleet management service will make the task much more manageable thanks to features such as:

✓ Asset Management: If you have a specific number of vehicles assigned to a certain area, zoning such areas will help you better monitor the logistical situation of your company. It will also alert you if a certain zone lacks vehicles.

Better Vehicle Utilization: This part of the software focuses more on the overall utility of the vehicle. The software will suggest areas where a specific vehicle will be able to maximize its capacity and use.

Fleet Progress Reports: Collating reports on a huge fleet can be difficult to accomplish alone. Our TELUS Large Fleet system will be able to help you identify data and trends more easily.

Industries That Will Benefit From
Enterprise Fleet Management


Organizations in the public sector have to deal with ever-changing traffic regulations, limited budgets, emission reduction targets, minimal staffing, and other challenges. For this reason, it’s critical that the tools you use to manage your fleet are cost-effective and add value.

Transportation and Logistics

Ensure regulatory compliance, efficiency in resources, smooth operations, timely service, and increased customer satisfaction with a TELUS enterprise fleet management system. You also benefit from actionable data and insights on everything from driver efficiency to fuel costs, empowering your decision-making process.

Trades and Services

If your business is in the trades, such as landscaping and HVAC, then you likely have multiple vehicles going to different destinations throughout the day. Our fleet management platform provides you with better visibility on vehicle movement and other components that make up daily operations. 

This helps you ensure that billing is done on time, worker wages are accurate, and unnecessary costs are controlled or eliminated. You are empowered to make data-driven decisions to help further your business goals.