Keeping You Connected With Mobile Devices for Business

One of the keys to a successful business is quick and constant communication. If you don’t have a set mobile infrastructure for your business, now’s the best time to start getting it sorted.

Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur that’s just starting out or an enterprise with hundreds of employees, getting mobile devices for your business is the most effective way to help achieve your goals. One Cell Solutions offers multiple devices from some of the biggest brands in the world to get your business set up.

The Best Mobile Device for Your Business

Whether you’re a solopreneur, the owner of a small business, or the head of a large enterprise, you need mobile devices with features that help make managing your organization easier.  

The right mobile devices are capable of delivering optimal performance and the speed required for fast, seamless communication with your customers, partners, staff, and other stakeholders.

Building Your Business with Apple Products

Apple is a tech giant for good reason, and they provide outstanding mobile devices for small businesses and large enterprises. 

The brand’s latest flagship model—the iPhone 12—is a superb product that can help businesses thrive. Talk with our friendly agents at One Cell Solutions Inc. to get the perfect Apple smartphone for your organisation.

Samsung Devices

Samsung is one of the biggest players in the mobile device market, and for many good reasons. Reliable, feature-packed, and designed to support the extensive Android app cosystem, Samsung devices are a great option for businesses.

Google Devices

Deploy multiple devices in bulk easily with Google Pixel. 

Pixel phones are incredibly versatile and customizable, come with zero bloatware, and are designed specifically to meet the needs of businesses. Additionally, they come with the Google Tensor SoC that utilizes AI and machine learning, cutting-edge security features, and long battery life—all at a great price.

Sonim Devices

Designed for demanding work environments, ultra-rugged Sonim devices are ideal for businesses in construction, mining, and similar industries. Large, tactile keys and buttons allow for gloves-on operation, and the display offers high-visibility even in direct sunlight.